Advance Sales Management

Advance Sales Management



This course is designed to gain advanced sales techniques through traditional and modern selling techniques. It will help train the participants for a wide range of sale environments in diverse sectors. With the increase in neck-to-neck competition sales have become a major factor and a lot of new philosophies and modern techniques including new sales methodology has been introduced in the sales industry.

As a salesperson who is directly involved in sales or even managers who are into products and services, knowing how to sell is an incredibly useful skill. The course is designed with a lot of practical exercises, and modern techniques, taking from basic to advance level which will help the delegates to attain the skills they require and start implementing what they learned.




5 Days


USD 2250 - USD 4750


Online Learning | In Class | In House | Be Spoke

Online Streaming Live (Flexible Dates) USD 2250 
UAE Dubai USD 4500
UK London USD 4750
Turkey Istanbul USD 4500
Europe Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels USD 4750
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