Advance Skills in Public Relation Professionals (PRP)

Advance Skills in Public Relation Professionals (PRP)



This course is specially designed to give you intense knowledge and walk you through steps of proven approaches to Public Relations (PR) planning and management. The skills attained through this course can be vey well measured and implemented within their work organisation thereby contributing towards the growth of their organisation also help building good reputation and maintaining healthy relationships. 

You will be shown how the fundamentals of PR are vital, and how significant they are to understand organisational reputation and relationships. PR professional are mostly considered as challenging position and many time have to deal with difficult and even different situation. Therefore, attending this course will enable you to gain the skills needed to present practical and achievable plans.




5 Days


USD 4500


For registration or to find the availability of Dates and Venue please Contact We also do In-House training and Be Spoke fitting your requirement.

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