Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)



EDMS Electronic Document  Management System is basically a kind of IT based system which is developed to manage the creation, tracking, storage and disposal of all the physical and digital documents and records. Through this we can easily keep track of various documents modified by different users. With the access of one application many different tasks can be completed that revolve around document management. It enhances the security system where we can easily define whom to have what access to what part of the documents. EDRMS is known with many other different names like Enterprise content management systems or digital asset management, document mapping and so on. This course shows participants how to deal with documents in an electronic way to get rid of the papers hard copy which takes a lot of space and time. It will also update you with the EDRMS system and changes that happen to take place with the passage of time. The advance technology leads to Advance EDRMS systems with enhances features. 




5 Days


USD 4500


For registration or to find the availability of Dates and Venue please Contact sales@gbacorporate.co.uk. We also do In-House training and Be Spoke fitting your requirement.

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