Industrial Cost Control

Industrial Cost Control



With the major responsibility of managing finances, managers have also responsibilities to write and control budgets. They face a number of decisions that need planning and forecasting, especially preparing budgets. Using examples and exercises from the gas and oil industry, this course is designed to break down all sorts of financial restrictions in an informative yet engaging style.

It will provide the necessary skills to develop efficient strategic planning, forecasting and budgeting processes. The main aim of the training is to enable the participants to understand the framework that builds strategies for annual budgets targeting efficient management and organisational performance.

Our course will explain financial terms and budgeting tools in such a way that a financial professional or even a non-financial profession will be able to understand and relate to in their working environment. It will include a lot of examples, a budgeting format and case studies.




5 Days


USD 2250 - USD 4750


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Online Streaming Live (Flexible Dates) USD 2250 
UAE Dubai USD 4500
UK London USD 4750
Turkey Istanbul USD 4500
Europe Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels USD 4950
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