Evaluating Financial Analysis, Budgeting and Decision Making

Evaluating Financial Analysis, Budgeting and Decision Making



This course is designed to evaluate the financial statement, budget and making an effective decision. It will help to understand Discounted Cash Flow and its techniques, applications of financial statements and decision-making process. 

In this programme, you will challenge representatives to learn how to make use of financial statements to assess the strategic or financial performance of an organization. It will help to understand DCF Discounted Cash Flow techniques along with their apps for financial making decisions and making use of ratios in order to identify the major areas of concern. Find out the elements like weaker financial signals, major success factors, and robust financial signals within your own industry. It Projects future performance assuredly through real-world budgeting.




5 Days


USD 2250 - USD 4750


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Online Streaming Live (Flexible Dates) USD 2250 
UAE Dubai USD 4500
UK London USD 4750
Turkey Istanbul USD 4500
Europe Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels USD 4950
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